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Seasonal Cocktails

blood orange mule

Stateside Vodka, Blood Orange syrup, Ginger Beer

Cranberry makers sour

Makers Mark Whiskey, Simple Syrup, Lemon Juice, Cranberry Juice

Caramel Apple Crush

Caramel Vodka and Apple Cider

Peanut Butter Heaven

Screwball Whiskey and Creamer

Pumpkin Spice White russian

Kaluah, Vodka, and Pumpkin Spice Creamer

cranberry/ orange maragarita

Silver Jose, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Cranberry and Orange Juice

Draft List

Almost Always on Tap

Miller Lite

4.17% ABV          IBU: 10 American Light Lager

I.C. Light
4.2% ABV          IBU: N/A   American Light Lager
4.2% ABV          IBU: 45      Stout
Coors Light
4.2% ABV          IBU: 10      Lager
4.5% ABV          IBU: 12      Amber Lager
Labatt Blue
4.7% ABV          IBU: 12      Pilsner
Labatt Blue light
4% ABV             IBU: 10      American Light Lager
Angry Orchard
5.5% ABV          IBU: 10       Sweet Cider
Michelob Ultlra
4.2% ABV          IBU: 10      American Light Lager
blue Moon
5.4% ABV          IBU: 9        Wheat Beer
Sam Adam's Boston Lager
5.4% ABV          IBU: 34      Old Ale
fatheads bumbleberry
5.3% ABV          IBU: 13      Fruit Beer
Left Hand Milk Stout
6% ABV             IBU: 25      Sweet Milk Stout
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Current Tap List

Page Yellow

Leinekugel's Juicy Peach
4.4% ABV          IBU: 10        Fruit Sour A mild sour-style beer brewed with tart notes balance with natural peaches.
blake's apple lantern

6.5% ABV          IBU: N/A      Cider
A taste of roasted pumpkin and apple that can only come from Blake’s Orchard. 

Voodoo Ranger Atomic Pumpkin

6.4% ABV          IBU: 10 Pumpkin Beer
Pumpkin ale featuring cinnamon and habanero chili peppers for just the right amount of heat.

Left Hand Milk Stout

6% ABV          IBU:  25      Milk Stout
Roasted malt and coffee flavors build the foundations of this creamy sweet stout.

Brewdog Hazy Jane

7.2% ABV          IBU: N/A     New England IPA
Notes of pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of tangerine to mix it up.

Ever Grain Curious Gourd

6.3% ABV          IBU: N/A      Pumpkin Beer
A medium bodied Brown Ale brewed with cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, and clove.

Brewdog Cold Beer

4.2% ABV          IBU: N/A      Pale Lager
A subtle lemon flavor on a light cereal malt base.

Sea Isle Iced Tea

6% ABV          IBU: N/A     Malt
Malt beverage made with Black Tea

Dogfish head pumkin ale

7% ABV        IBU: 28      Pumpkin Beer
A full-bodied brown ale with smooth hints of pumpkin and brown sugar.

Great Lakes watermelon Crushworthy

4% ABV          IBU: 10      Wheat Ale
Crushworthy Lo-Cal Wheat Ale brewed with real melon.

Hamburg Watermelon Lemonade

6% ABV          IBU: N/A      Cider
A semi-dry cider with a blend of tart lemons and juicy watermelon.

shiner oktoberfest

5.7% ABV          IBU: 18      Wheat Beer
Raise your stein to tradition and enjoy this utterly classic brew.

BrewDog punk

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Penn Brewery Oktoberfest

5.5% ABV          IBU: 25      Oktoberfest
Nutty, toasty, slightly roasted, and caramel characteristics with a well balanced hop bitterness. 


Sam Adam's Summer Ale

5.3% ABV          IBU: 8      Pale Ale
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Current Tap List

Page Purple

Sweetwater IPA

6.3% ABV           IBU: 50      American IPA
An unfiltered IPA defined by generous quantities of juicy natural flavors.  

Southern tier 8 days a week

4.8% ABV          IBU: 15      Blonde Ale
With fruity notes, low bitterness and a clean finish, this refreshing beer is hard to put down.

Dogfish seaquench ale

4.9% ABV          IBU: 10      Gose
A session sour mash-up brewed with black limes, sour lime juice, and sea salt.

21st Amendment Hell or High MAngo

4.9% ABV          IBU: 17      Wheat Beer
A light and refreshing straw-colored beer, fruity and sweet, brewed with real mangos.

fat heads bumbleberry

5.3% ABV          IBU: 13      Shandy
Brewed with fresh harvested spring honey, and infused with our own special blueberry essence.

Helltown Oktoberfest

6% ABV          IBU: N/A      Marzen
Traditional German lager boasting caramel and toasted malt notes.

New Belgium fat Tire

5.2% ABV          IBU: 15      American Golden Ale
A bright and balanced beer that’s certified carbon neutral.

Great Lakes Oktoberfest

6.5% ABV          IBU: 20      Marzen
A real malt party, packed with toasty autumnal flavors.

blake's original

5.5% ABV          IBU: N/A      Cider
The classic hard apple cider.

Bald Bird's Color Trails

5.5% ABV          IBU: N/A     American Pale Ale
Flavors of tangerine, lemon, papaya, and a hint of herbal, minty dankness.

Goose Island Oktoberfest

5.7% ABV          IBU: 23      Marzen
A dry, malty body delivers sweet dried fruit flavors complemented with an earthy bitterness.

dogfish hay squail

6.5% ABV          IBU: 50     New England IPA
Hazy IPA brewed with a blend of pilsener malt and malted wheat. 

21st Amendment Hell or high watermelon

4.9% ABV          IBU: 7      Shandy
A classic American wheat beer, which undergoes a secondary fermentation using fresh watermelon.

Sam Adam's OctoBerfest

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Coming Soon!

Voodoo crygo ranger

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

angry orchard crisp apple

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

LAgunitas ipa

6.2% ABV          IBU: 51      New England IPA 
A bit of Carmel Malt Barley provides the richness that mellows out the twang of the hops. 

Southern Tier Juice Jolt

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Penn Pumpkin Roll

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

voodoo juicy haze

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

lionhead pumpkin

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Miller Lite

5.3% ABV          IBU: 17      Shandy
This hazy golden unfiltered brew combines crisp wheat with the bright citrus of lemon peel.

Not On Tap, But still in the Register.

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Blockhouse Pumpkin Ale

7% ABV          IBU: N/A      Pumpkin Beer
Ale brewed with pumpkin and spices.

hamburg Berry Berry Sneeky!

7.2% ABV          IBU: N/A     Gose
Sour packed blackberry, blueberry, boysenberry, cranberry, raspberry, strawberry, and lactose.

tiwsted Tea

5% ABV          IBU: N/A      Flavored Malt 
The same great Twisted Tea taste on draft!

North Country Station 33 Fire House Red

5.5% ABV          IBU: 24      Irish Red Ale
Ruby in color, this Irish Red ale is rich and malty and balanced with a nice, light hoppy finish. 

Truly wild berry hard seltzer

5% ABV          IBU: N/A      Hard Seltzer
Wild Berry Flavor!

IC LIght Mango

3.8% ABV          IBU: N/A     Light Lager
Same great IC Light flavor but with mango. 

Shiner Bock

4.4% ABV          IBU: 13      Bock
Brewed with rich roasted barley malt and German specialty hops. 

Coors banquet

5% ABV          IBU: 15      Lager
Brewed in the Rockies for a uniquely crisp, clean, and drinkable “Mile High Taste”

Mackenzie's Black Cherry Cider

5% ABV          IBU: 8      American Amber
It pours a rick amber color with a full-bodied taste and a refreshingly sweet cherry finish.

Stella Artois

5% ABV          IBU: 25      Euro Pale Lager
Classic Belgian lager, golden in color with a floral, hop aroma, well-balanced fruity malty sweetness, crisp hop bitterness, and a soft dry finish. 

Blake's Caramel Apple

6.5% ABV          IBU: N/A      Cider
Dessert-like hard cider has notes of sharp green apple, balanced with smooth caramel sweetness.

hop valley bubble stash

6.2% ABV          IBU: 45      American IPA
Bright sweet fruit notes in this easy drinking bubbler.


Peroni Nastro Azzuro

5.1% ABV          IBU: 24      Pale Lager
Crafted wit typical Italian car and designed with the Mediterranean palate in mind.

Great Lakes Erie Monster
9.5% ABV          IBU: 80      Imperial IPA A beastly hop attack amid torrid tropical fruit flavors.
southern tier pumking

8.6% ABV          IBU: 33      Pumpkin Beer
Pumpkin puree and pie spices, malty, bready; cinnamon dominates with nutmeg and vanilla.

Blake's Cherry Limeade
6% ABV          IBU: N/A          Cider Bright and balanced hard cider with lime, cherry, and apple.
brewdog Hell cat

6% ABV          IBU: N/A      English IPL
BrewDog USA partners with Iron Maiden to create a feisty India Pale Lager.

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21st Amendment Hell or high Mango

Wheat Bear 4.9% ABV
IBU: 17
A light and refreshing straw-colored beer, fruity and sweet, brewed with real mango's, brimming with tropical floral notes.

Hamburg blueberry peach

Cider 6% ABV
Semi dry cider with a refreshing kick of berries.

ever gratin parabolic

New England IPA 7.3% ABV
IBU: 10
Juicy peach, pungent mango, lychee, and citrus rind flavors and aromas with a soft mouthfeel.

Ever Grain preserves in perpetuity

New England IPA 7.0% ABV
IBU: N/A New England IPA with a soft Pilsner and wheat base allow a cast of fruity and juice hops to shine

Hamburg Big Out West

Imperial Red Ale 7.8 % ABV
IBU: N/A Bourbon barrel aged red ale.

Harp lager

Euro Pale Ale Lager 4.5% ABV
IBU: 21
This golden-amber colored lager offers slightly sweet malt aromas with floral hop scents.

Coming Soon!! Helltown Idle Hands

American IPA 8% ABV
A Douple Imperial IPA.


American Adjunct Lager 5.0% ABV
Everyone drank Molson in college, right?

sloop brewing
juice bomb

New England IPA 6.5% ABV
IBU: 30
An explosively unfiltered IPA bursting with citrus flavor and finishes with a touch of bitterness.

Yeungling Flight

Light Lager 4.2% ABV
Enjoying this draft will not result in gaining wings or literally taking flight.

Platform Brau Raiser

American Amber 5.2% ABV
IBU: 22
A crisp lager with mellow notes of toasted bread, caramel, nutty toffee, and just a hint of espresso.

Ever grain
joose juicy

New England / Hazy IPA 6% ABV
Strong malty backbone supporting a hop character featuring a piney and citrusy taste.

Corona Premier

Light Lager 4.0% ABV
IBU: 7
It's refined, crisp taste and even-bodied feel makes it the smoothest and more drinkable Corona.

helping hops

New England IPA 6.5% ABV
A soft bodied but crisp IPA with bright citrus and stone fruit aromas with orange and lemon flavors.

modelo especial

Mexican Lager 4.4% ABV
Well balanced taste and light hop character with a crisp, clean finish.

Blake's strawberry zen

Cider 6% ABV
Strawberry hard cider with a hint of cucumber.

Blake's Cider triple jam

Cider 6% ABV
Triple Jam is the perfect balance of ripe sweetness with bold fruit aromatics.

susquehanna suck on this orange

Gose 4.2 % ABV
IBU: 8 A mouth watering sour ale infused with orange juice and natural citrus.

North Country Logo

North Country
Backpack Stash

Pale Ale 5% ABV
An unfiltered pale ale brewed with late additions of Centennial, Citra & Simcoe hops. This beer features citrus and floral notes.

Leinenkugel's Logo

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy

Shandy 4.2% ABV
IBU: 11
Traditional weiss beer with refreshing natural lemonade flavor.

Harpoon Rec league

American Pale Ale 3.8% ABV
IBU: 13 A hazy pale ale brewed with tropical modern hops and a ground breaking blend of ingredients.

21st Amendment
Blood Orange Brew Free or Die

American IPA 7% ABV
IBU: 70
Brewed West Coast style with fresh blood orange puree and a twist of citrusy dry hops.

Aslin Beer
West Coast Nuances of Meaning

New England IPA 6% ABV
Huge Aromatics of grapefruit, mango, and orange with flavor notes of clementine, peach, and berry.

Harpoon Dunkin Coffee Pale Ale

American Pale Ale 5.0% ABV
IBU: N/A Combines the flavors of Dunkin's Original Blend with a bright, summery pale ale.

Leinenkugel's Logo

leinenkugel's lemon haze ipa

New England IPA 5.0% ABV
IBU: 40
A deliciously balanced hazy IPA that brings together notes of juicy lemons with the citrusy bitterness.

Cloud Harvest

New England IPA 6.5% ABV
Juicy Hop Flavor with notes of peach, pineapple, and paya.

ufo raspberry hefeweizen

Shandy 4.8% ABV
IBU: 10
Raspberries balanced by the clean, wheat beer taste making a delicious blend of sweet and refreshing

UFO Georgia Peach Logo

UFO Georgia PEach

Hazy Wheat Beer 5.1% ABV
Hazy wheat beer with fresh peach flavor.

Rhinegeist SunSpun

Shandy 4.5% ABV
Light bodied golden ale brightened with a hint of orange and grapefruit.

Shiner peach Wheat

American Amber 4.5% ABV
IBU: 15
Made with juicy, ripe Hill Country peaches and a mix of 2-row and wheat malts.

Blake's Hard Cider
passion Seeker

Cider 6% ABV
Crafted with passion and purpose. Bursting with pineapple, passion fruit, and guava.

Secret machine

Fruit Beer 7% ABV
Soft, Creamy and bursting with ripe berriess.

Shiner country peach

Shandy 4.2% ABV
IBU: 11
A Wheat ale brewed with juicy, perfectly ripe peaches from the nearby Texas Hill Country

sea isle iced tea

Malt 6% ABV
IBU: N/A Rich malt blended with black tea.

new trails Sunburst

Imperial New England IPA 9.1% ABV
IBU: N/A Packed with chewy tropical candy, peaches & cream.

Big Truck Topless Blonde

Blonde Ale 5.2% ABV
IBU: 24 A light drinking, light colored ale with a crisp malt flavor.

21st Amendment Cold IPA

IPA 4.6% ABV
IBU: 10
Bright hop aromas and a bold, clean finish that will leave you craving for more.

Butler Brew works fatal bite

Berry Sour 8.5% ABV
IBU: 15
Fermented with raspberry, blueberry, cherry, and cranberry. Dark ruby color with a mild fruity aroma.

Susquehanna Shady Spot

Shandy 4.5% ABV
IBU: 10
Beer and lemonade mingling together with refreshing hints of grapefruit.

North Country Logo

North Country Benny's Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale 5% ABV
A hazy beer with modest bitterness and intense hop character.

Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Fruit Beer 5% ABV
IBU: 28
Golden bright, balancing delicate yet complex malt alongside spicy, floral hops.

Sierra Nevada
Summer Break

American IPA 6.1% ABV
IBU: 45
Drop into summertime with happy notes of mango and passion fruit backed with a smooth malt flavor.


Mexican Lager 4.5% ABV
IBU: 15
A hearty, crisp taste of citrus and ocean mist.

Rivertowne Hala Kahiki

Shandy 4.8% ABV
Raspberries balanced by the clean, wheat beer taste making a delicious blend of sweet and refreshing

Blue Moon Haze

Pale Ale 5.7% ABV
IBU: 30
Hazy, juicy pale ale, a blue moon and terrapin colloboration.

Goose Island
Lost PalaTe

New England IPA 6.3% ABV
IBU: 45
A signature hazy IPA loaded with mango and cinnamon flavor!

Stone Bridge Mermaid Seltzer

Hard Seltzer 5% ABV
No you won't turn into a mermaid, but we all dreamed about it as children.

312 Lemonade Shandy Logo

Goose island 312 lemonade shandy

Shandy 4.2% ABV
Bright lemon flavor along with slight sweetness, balanced by crisp lemon acidity.

UFO BlueBerry LEmonade

American Amber 4.8% ABV
IBU: 13
The right touch of sweetness and easy flavor. YUM!


American Adjunct Lager 4.7% ABV
Pours a clear gold with a thin, fizzy, fully dissipating, white head.

big deal original

Golden Ale 4.5 % ABV
IBU: N/A The Original is a golden ale, brewed to be smooth and crushable but with a lot of flavor.

Hamburg peep dis

Stout 7.4 % ABV
A peep marshmallow stout!

Big Truck half cab

New England 6.0% ABV
IBU: 35 A revved up true malted Hazy IPA with tropical juicy flavors and aromas.

Susquehanna Bomb pop

Shandy 4.2% ABV
IBU: N/A A raspberry and lemon shandy that is perfect to inspire the summer nostalgia!

new trails chrisp lager

American Lager 4.8% ABV
IBU: N/A Refreshing, easy-drinking, and all above crisp.

Shipyard smashed pumpkin

Winter Ale 9% ABV
IBU: 18
A big bodied beer with a pleasing aroma of pumpkin and nutmeg.

pizza boy brewing murren river

American IPA 7.5% ABV
IBU: 42
Packed with bright tropical aromas and citrusy flavors and wraps up with a pleasantly smooth finish.

Shocktop Twisted Pretzel

Wheat Ale 5.2% ABV
A Belgian-style unfiltered wheat ale that delivers the delicious taste and aroma of fresh pretzels.

Yuengling Hershey's Porter

American Porter 4.7% ABV
Americans #1 craft brewery come together with America's most iconic brand.

jack O Traveler

Pumpkin Ale 4.4% ABV
Jack is brewed with fresh pumpkin, for a delicious dark-hued, Shandy inspired beer.

devil's backbone o'fest

Oktoberfest 5.8% ABV
IBU: 22
Medium-bodied with caramel and toasted dark bread flavor

UFO Pumpkin

Shandy 5.9% ABV
IBU: 20
Our fall-spiced hefeweizen with pure pumpkin - a truly delicious fruiveggie!

Yuengling Octoberfest

Marzen 5.4% ABV
IBU: 35
Check back for details!

Goose Island Oktoberfest

Marzen 5.7% ABV
IBU: 23
Toffee and burnt sugar aroma with flavors of sweet dried apricots.

UFO Pumpkin

Hefeweizen 5.9% ABV
IBU: 20
Real pumpkin, seasonal spices and fresh from the patch flavor!

Leinenkugel's Logo

Coming Soon! Leinenkugel Chocolate dunkel

Lager 5.5% ABV
IBU: 43
A crisp dark lager with just the right amount of tasty chocolate flavor.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest 6.1% ABV
IBU: 30
Deep golden color with rich malt flavor balanced by traditional German-grown whole-cone hops.

Rhinegeist Glow

Fruit Sour 4.5% ABV
IBU: 5
This Fruited Sour Ale illuminates palates with a blend a acai, prickly pear and passionfruit flavors.

ufo maine blueberry

Wheat Beer 4.8% ABV
IBU: 10
Refreshing with the right touch of sweetness picked off a blueberry bush.

UFO Strawberry Lemonade Shandy

Shandy 5% ABV
IBU: 10
Sweet fresh strawberry flavor with the refreshing tartness of lemonade.

new trails Double Replenish

Imperial 9.2% ABV
IBU: N/A A bright and crisp balance making it an excellent partner to any trek through the pines.

Strawberry Cheesecake Mantra

Coffee Porter 5.8% ABV
IBU: 30
This rich creamy porter uses Bones Strawberry cheesecake Coffee to replicate flavor.

Butler Brew Works Bantam

Winter Ale 5.0% ABV
Rich malty flavor with a clean finish.

Flying Dog Freezin' Season

Winter Ale 7.4% ABV
IBU: 25
Balanced malty and sweet with a bit of nutty almost hazelnut flavor.

Shiner Holiday Cheer

Wheat Beer 5.4% ABV
IBU: 22
Brewed with Texas peaches and roasted pecans.

Ufo winter Blonde

Wheat Beer 4.9% ABV
Vanilla coffee meets a refreshing hefeweizen and is absolutely delicious.

Stella Artois Midnight

Dark Lager 5.4% ABV
IBU: 18
Limited release dark lager has a light to medium body, balanced drinkability, and surprisingly a crisp, dry finish.

Straub Brewery Logo

Straub Amber

American Amber Lager 4.1% ABV
IBU: 13 Easy Drinking with notes of roasted caramel.

Killian's red Ale

American Red Lager 4.9% ABV
Toasted/roasted caramel malt introduction with nice bready characteristics.

Rhinegeist Franz

Oktoberfest 5.4% ABV
IBU: 20
Light body with a sweet syrup malt flavor and medium finish.

1911 Black Cherry Cider

Saison 6.9% ABV
1911 Black Cherry Hard Cider is a crisp and slightly tart cider.

Arsenal Snowbound Cinnamon Cider

Hard Cider 8.5% ABV
Brazilian Pin Guava Juice with a tart, semi-sweet apple cider blend.

Brew Dog Logo


Head Liquid Truth Serum

American IPA 7% ABV
IBU: 65
The perfect match of citrusy and tropical notes, making for a zesty finish.

Brewdog clockwork tangerine

American IPA 4.5% ABV
IBU: 37
Citrus with notes of tropical fruits, followed by subtle notes of caramel and toast malt.

hazy jane

New England IPA 7.2% ABV
IBU: 50
Pineapple, mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of lime brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth ride.

bushwood beer

German Pilsner 5% ABV
Light-colored straw lager features a creamy white head and moderate carbonation.

Brewdog wit

Witbier 4.5% ABV
Citrus and spice join forces for a distinctly iconic flavor profile.

Brewdog hazy jane
passion fruit

Wheat Beer 4.8% ABV
IBU: 25
The classic BrewDog Hazy Jane feel with a passion fruit pop!

Brewdog Elvis Juice

American IPA 6.5% ABV
IBU: 60
A caramel malt base, supporting a grapefruit peel piled on top of intense U.S. aroma hops.

Brewdog Fake Empire

Sour IPA 6.2% ABV
IBU: 6
A big Citra dry-hop hit unloads, balanced perfectly with grapefruit zest.

Brewdog hazy jane Mango

New England IPA 7.2% ABV
Mango, stone-fruit, and a hint of lime brewed with oats and wheat and left unfiltered for a smooth ride.

BrewDog Fellowship

New EnglandIPA 5% ABV
In collaboration with Warner Brothers this draft honors Lord of the Rings.

Brewdog Yard

IPA 7.2% ABV
Hazy peach guava

New Belgium Brewing

VooDoo Ranger 1985

New England Hazy IPA 6.7 ABV
IBU: 30
Like totally loaded with juicy mango flavor, 1985 takes you back to the future of Hazy IPA's

Voodoo Ranger v2k ipa

American IPA 7.5% ABV
IBU: 42
Packed with bright tropical aromas and citrusy flavors and wraps up with a pleasantly smooth finish.

Summer Bliss

Tropical Wheat Ale 5.5% ABV
IBU: 9
An easy-drinking wheat beer featuring waves of citrusy-sweet mango and Meyers lemons.

VooDoo ranger atomic citrus

Shandy 7% ABV
IBU: 10
Brewed with blood orange and packs a seriously refreshing citrus punch.

Fruit force

Imperial New England IPA
9.5 % ABV
IBU: 20
A high-flying, Fruit Punch IPA landing at a powerful 9.5%.

vooDoo Ranger Juice Force

Imperial IPA 9.5% ABV
IBU: 30
A fruit forward, highly drinkable hazy IPA that gets you buzzed in no time.

Voodoo ranger juciy haze

American IPA 7.5% ABV
IBU: 42
Packed with bright tropical aromas and brilliant citrusy flavors.


American IPA 6.2% ABV
IBU: 55
Plenty of mosaic and amarillo hop varietals and a bit of wheat.

dominga mimosa sour

Sour 6.0% ABV
Dominga blends our iconic wood-aged golden sour with the sweet, detoxifying juice of Calamansi Oranges and light wheat ale.

Penn Brewery Logo

Penn Brewery

hazy IPA

New England IPA 6.7% ABV
A juicy, hazy, IPA with citrus and piney notes.

Penn Brewery Logo

Penn dark

Munich Dunkel 5.0% ABV
IBU: 84
Munich and roasted malts give a very malty, rich flavor with a hint of burnt flavor.

Penn Brewery St. Nikolaus

Coffee Porter 5.8% ABV
IBU: 30
Very rich, strong, malty lager, dark ruby in color with notes of chocolate and roasted malts.

Samuel Adams Logo

Sam Adams

Sam Adam's winter lager

Bock 5.6% ABV
IBU: 22
Spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and orange peel for a deep flavor and malty finish.


Shandy 4.6% ABV
An ultra-refreshing mango beer brewed with real fruit juice for big taste.

porch rocker

Shandy 4.5% ABV
IBU: 8
Traditionally a mixture of beer and lemonade, our version combines golden Helles with real lemons.

Sam Adam's Wicked Hazy IPA

New England IPA 4.5% ABV
IBU: 37
Citrus with notes of tropical fruits, followed by subtle notes of caramel and toast malt.

Sam adam's

Wheat Beer 5.3% ABV
IBU: 10
Smooth wheat with the bright snap of spring spices.

Sam Adam's Jack-O

Pumpkin Ale 4.4% ABV
IBU: 25
Recall pumpkin pies with these cinnamon and nutmeg aromas.

Great Lakes Brewing Co Logo

Great Lakes


American IPA 4% ABV
IBU: 10
Lightly filtered body wit a sweet kiss of orange.


American Red Ale 8.5% ABV
IBU: 24
Rich roasted malt flavors haunt the shadow of our imperial Red Ale's biter teeth.

hazecraft ipa

New England IPA 6.7% ABV
IBU: 40
Blast into orbit through a hazy galaxy of otherworldly tropical fruit aromas.


American IPA 6% ABV
IBU: 60
It's a hoppy hideaway with a golden oasis of tropical fruit notes.

Conway's Irish Ale

Red Ale 6.3% ABV
IBU: 25
Full-bodied caramel malt flavors uphold this Irish Ale

Dank Demon

American IPA 8.0% ABV
IBU: 70
Leafy layers of heady hop aromas lurk in every wicked whiff of Dank Demon's hauntingly full bodied brew.

Chillwave Double IPA

Imperial Double IPA 9% ABV
IBU: 80
Inspired by the North Coast's dedicated surf community.


Winter Ale 7.5% ABV
IBU: 30
A Yuletide's worth of holiday spices and sweet honey.

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Dogfish head slightly mighty

American IPA 4.0% ABV
IBU: 30
A lo-cal IPA that is slight in calories and carbs with mighty hop flavor!

Dogfish head 60 minute ipa

American IPA 6.0% ABV
IBU: 60
Continually hopped to deliver a pungent, citrusy, grassy hop flavor without being crushingly bitter.

Dogfish head 90 minute iPA

American IPA 9.0% ABV
IBU: 90
With rich pine an fruity citrus hop aromas and strong malt backbone. Enjoy pungent, unapologetic flavor.

Dogfish head hazy-0!

American IPA 7.1% ABV
IBU: 45
Truckloads of oats and wheat with notes of citrus.

Dogfish Head
Mandarin & mango

Fruit Beer 6% ABV
IBU: 10
A light sweet, hazy gold brew that boasts a refreshing, citrusy tartness and a crisp, dry finish.

Dogfish head Campfire Amplifier

American IPA 6.5% ABV
IBU: 60
A milk stout brewed with graham crackers, cinnamon, marshmallows, cocoa powder, and vanilla beans added.

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